Monday, November 12, 2012

La Musique Lettriste, Hypergraphique, Infinitésimale, Aphoniste et Supertemporelle
La Revue Musicale special issue #282-283, Paris, 1971 

Music scores above by:

  • Jean-Paul Curtray (cover and yellow pages)
  • Gabriel Pomerand
  • Jacques Spacagna
  • Myriam Darrel
  • François Poyet (last yellow page)
  • G. P. Broutin

As soon as the Lettrists established language as a mere collection of abstract graphic signs and meaningless phonemes, it was only natural to grasp traditional musical notation and use it to transform the score into a joyous playground for whimsical drawings, iconoclastic collages and other détournements. The realization and recordings of this music have been few and far between, though, except for French composer Frederic Acquaviva, who published several CDs of Lettrist Music, including Isidore Isou’s Musiques Lettristes (2000) and Symphonie n°4 (2004). If you’d wish to hear what Lettrist music sounds like, I can’t think of a better introduction than Radio Web MACBA’s 2010 podcast Wolman, Lettrism, Sound Poetry and Beyond, with Acquaviva as a guide.


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