Friday, November 16, 2012

The Limits of Composition?, published by La Casa Encendida, Caja Madrid, Spain, 2009.

The Limits of Composition? was a series of lectures and performances curated by Xavier Guell Lopez for Madrid’s La Casa Encendida contemporary art museum in March 2008. Centered around American Minimalism, the manifestation included guest stars Terry Riley, Gordon Mumma, Alvin Curran and Christian Wolff in performances and/or lectures, as well as the works of Cornelius Cardew and Alvin Lucier performed by Spanish musicians. Featuring essays, interviews and round tables, the accompanying book was elegantly conceived by BaseDesign¬†and published in 2009. In addition to a very efficient color code for each chapter and stunning die-cut, black paper pages for the audio section (see pictures above), the book came with a CD of live performances recorded during the festival.


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