Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Die Irren Sind Los: Fluxus-Ereignisse in Europa 1962-1977
[The Lunatics Are On The Loose: Fluxus events in Europe, 1962–1977]

Exhibition at Goethe Institut, Paris, until January 10, 2013.

Curated by Petra Stegmann, the Lunatics Are On The Loose project has been touring Europe since July 2012, with installments in Poznań, Kraków, Copenhagen, Oslo, Talinn, Budapest, Vilnius and now Paris, on the occasion of the Fluxus movement’s 50th anniversary. There’s even a Tumblr blog to track down the Lunatics travels. The exhibition’s aim is to map the Fluxus European footprint circa 1962–1977, with “events” and music performances in various capitals, including Vilnius, Lithuania, on account of George Maciunas’ Lithuanian origins. The installation consists of pieces of paper hanging from the ceiling, each with the name of the artist, event details and/or graphic score or instructions. All these posters form a kind of Fluxus constellation, like clouds organized by geographic areas with name of relevant towns indicated on the floor.

The European map hanging on one wall looks lovingly Bismark-ian to this writer, yet Japanese and American artists are well represented in the exhibition with especially Emmet Williams, Terry Riley, LaMonte Young and Alison Knowles featured. But the inclusion of lesser known Fluxus artists is more than welcome, like Willem De Ridder, Wolf Vostell, the ZAJ ensemble, Philip Corner, Yasunao Tone, Polish Iwona Malińska and Andrzej Jur, Lithuanian Vytautas Landsbergis, Dieter Schnebel and Pierre Mercure, among others.


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